Company History PREMOT s.r.o.

Premot s.r.o. has been originated from the former company Pist Ing.Juraj Petro which was established in the year 1990 with in the field of casting and pistons production.
In 2013, we have redemmed complex processing piston technology from PREMOT a.s. Františkovy Lázně, (CZ) and consequntly on 21st October 2013 has four partners founded the company PREMOTs.r.o . based in Veľká nad Ipľom.
The village is located in the south central Slovakia, 10 km from the Lučenec district town , near the national road No. 50 Zvolen - Košice.

Production Techmology
Aluminum melting is provided by natural gas in several sleeve-type furnaces by current daily capacity of 5 tons.
Casting is provided into hand or hydraulic moulds
Heat treatment of castings is performed in two chamber furnaces
Company's assets includes 40 pieces of universal and single purpose machine tools, of which 4 are Japanese CNC lathes TAKISAWA.The machines are used primarily in the manufacturing of pistons casted in metal moulds. Pistons are processed on 3 production lines. Castings casted into sand (piece production) ar processed in combunation on classic and special machines. With this technology has so far been produced more than 2800 kinds of pistons of the diameter from 22 to 800 mm to customers satisfaction.

Total processing capacity is about 3000 pieces of pistons per day.
Waste disposal is provided by a certified company, our company have never had no problems with environment.
The company is a holder of Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001/2008 dated 27th January 1999.

  • Table LED lamp

    Table LED lamp 12V 5W


    98,77 € incl. VAT

    82,31 €

    116,20 € incl. VAT Discount 17,43 €

  • Ursus C-330 102mm úplný vložený valec

    Ursus C-330 102mm úplný vložený valec

    37,40 € incl. VAT

    31,17 €

    44 € incl. VAT Discount 6,60 €

  • Praga V3S 110mm

    piest P-V3S 110mm

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    39,05 € incl. VAT Discount 7,81 €

  • Orlík 75mm kompresor

    pre kompresor Orlík 75mm

    17,16 € incl. VAT

    14,30 €


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